Bachelor parties ideas for groom and his friends

A bachelor party is a special event in the life of a groom before his marriage. The friends of the groom organize this party where the groom says goodbye to the life without all the major commitment. His friends indulge in foods and alcohol and most importantly on the adult entertainment which fuels the party.

There are many activities which takes place in Bachelor parties and in which the friends of the groom indulge in. The prime purpose of this party is to make this experience a memorable one. The different ideas for these parties include-

Having a bachelor party with strippers like those provided by for entertainment can be a lot of fun

Taking part in sport activities- the groom and his friends can indulge in various games which includes volleyball, soccer, golf and basketball. Here the groom is monitored for his performance in the sport activities.

Other outdoor activities- the groom and his friends can go or exploring the woods and camping where they have lots of foods and drinks. Other activities like racing, bungee jumping, rafting and dirt biking are the ideas for bachelor parties.

Talking about love interests- this idea is to open up about their love interests and secrets along with sharing details of their experiences.

Going for movies or poker nights- the groom and his friends can go out for a movie as a free man before marriage. Playing poker is also a good idea for a party.

Going to a casino- a trip to casino one of the best idea for bachelor parties where the groom and his friends can indulge in gambling the whole night with good food and drinks.

After the party is over, the groom realizes that his friends will always be there to help him in making the transition from a bachelor to a husband an enjoyable task. But life ahead for the groom requires full dedication and commitment.

Ideas for your Bachelor Party

Your bachelor party is one of the most memorable parties in a husband-to-be’s life. If you are throwing a bachelor party for someone, you want them to be able to let loose and party, but still remember the events the next day. The point of a bachelor party is for the groom to have one last wild night before he gets permanently tied down. This article will list several tips for your friend/father/brother to have the night of his life and still be able to talk about it the next day.

Bachelor Party Tips

1. Reserve a small bar or a section of the bar. That’s not to say no strangers can come to the party, but the bartenders will pay extra-close attention to you and your buddy who’s getting married.

2. Go to a shooting rage. The groom can get rid of some of his pre-wedding jitters by shooting at some targets.

3. Go golfing or mini golfing. This is a relaxing activity that can ease the groom’s mind before he stands up to get married in front of hundreds of people.

4. Go camping. Bring some drinks along. This is a great way to bond with your buddies before the big wedding day, and you can save money on shots and mixed drinks by bringing your own beer.

5. Plan a game night. Set your basement up so that it’s suited to your groom buddy’s needs. Have some refreshments, pizza, and maybe drinking games ready before the party starts.

6. Do the cliché strip club hopping or bar hopping. Just be sure no one is driving! A limousine might be a bit of a splurge, but if you really care about your buddy, you’ll spend some money on his big night. You can even choose to drink in the back of the limousine for a rare and classy experience. If you do check out a few strip clubs, don’t take pictures…they might end up in the bride’s hands.

7. Head to the casino. Nothing wrong with a little bit of gambling before the big day. Your buddy will enjoy this event, especially if it’s his first time going.

8. Plan a movie night at your place. Pick out movies that are all about comedy and which involve getting married, attending a bachelor party, or the honeymoon. Everyone will enjoy the laugh, especially the groom.

9. Go out to eat at a decent, but not too fancy restaurant. Be sure to make the reservations for your party ahead of time, especially if it’s going to be a large one. Most restaurants will do something special or give you a free food if they know you are hosting a special event. Mention to the waiter that your buddy is getting married and ask if there’s anything they can give him.

10. If you’ve known your friend, the groom, for a long time, plan an expedition similar to what you used to do in high school or as kids. For example, if you used to drink in your truck at the local softball field so that you wouldn’t get caught, do that. It’ll bring back some funny and good times.


The most important thing to remember when hosting a bachelor party is that the groom needs to be comfortable, having fun, and be at ease. The night should be entirely focused on him. Only plan an event that you know he would love, and that won’t get him into trouble.